April 12, 2020



01. Сhallenge

Classycars wanted to reach out to more audience and solve the problem of having to engage each customers that calls to make inquiry about their cars and sought for a way where by the information a customer seeks can easily be accessible.

02. Solutions

After we have gotten a comprehensive details of Classycars challenges, we sought out to do the following:
– We designed a user-friendly and 100% responsive website and integrated social media platforms and also integrated Whatsapp chat to further
boosts the firms awareness and generate more leads
– We updated available cars on the website
– We created and integrated a sales section where a seller can upload the details of his/her car to be sold by Classycars

03. Results

– Our service boosted their online visibility
– Increase in Sales
– Each in calls on inquiries as prospective customers are directed to the website for more details.